You're Fat Too?

One of my favorite things to do while travelling is hit a local supermarket or drug store to check out the dizzying array of local products. A great way to explore the local culture, and it is usually quite entertaining as well.

Now, as many of you may agree – Asian women are simply beautiful. With creamy white complexions and lithe figures, as a whole, the female Asian population (please forgive me for the gross generalization) should be quite enviable to our increasingly obese North American population.

But folks – do not fret, as I discovered yesterday – WOMEN ARE THE SAME EVERYWHERE!!

Strolling down the personal care aisles at the local “Watsons” was like a stroll through a bizzaro Walgreens, with aisles up aisles of deodorants packed with “extra – whitening ingredients” and
I was quite relieved to see a sizeable collection of weight loss and fat blocking supplements.

YES! There is a god! And women everywhere do think they’re fat.

Malaysia, Culture, Women