Written by Amy Rae Fox, M.A., M.Ed.
As I watched the children, I felt the weight and interconnectedness of humanity. I felt that these beings were of my species and that we were the same.

When I watch the adults, all I see are differences.



Perhaps I need to look closer.

The Dasun in the Kiau village predominantly Roman Catholic. Sunday is the day for rice wine. Soppinngi more than freely passed the bottle and all became intoxicated while telling of themselves and ourselves and our lives.

I tried to imagine one of the women coming home with me, accompanying me to work and maybe watching television. I thought of one my friends living in the village, tending to the goats and laundry. The strangeness and difference made me smile.

As I watched the children lurking about the doorway, whispering in hushed giggles, wondering about the grownup games, I felt the familiar one-ness and a great sense of peace.

Malaysia, Culture