Travel is re-invention

It's not yet six in the morning, and I've just finished an overnight shift. I've got to pay for this tan somehow.

Under the night sky - the gray cityscapes through which we trudge under the sun are transformed into something magical.

Under the night sky - the gray cityscapes through which we trudge under the sun are transformed into something magical.

I used to work a permanent night shift with many of the same people with whom I worked tonight. I loved it. Some people are made for the night. I may fall into that category, but what I love about working night shift is that you are able to just BE.

Your 9 to 5 self doesn't exist at 3 in the morning - when you're nine hours into a twelve hour shift.

Those were always the best hours of our shift. We would find ourselves having these existential conversations about anything, and everything that one could imagine. Occasionally someone would say something just mind blowingly perceptive, or the conversation would be so amazing that when day shift arrived to relieve us, it felt like an intrusion into the safe space which we constructed in order to allow ourselves the freedom to stretch. 

Enjoying the experience this morning, I am reminded of what I am trying to build here at Go Girl Gone. As women we define ourselves early, and that definition is the base upon which we build all of the roles which we play - daughter, mother, sister, friend, colleague, lover or wife. Even when we want to stretch and be a different, better, shinier version of ourself - the expectation of the familiar can trap us in a static place where those aspirations whither.

It's still in there some place - that thing where we don't give a crap if we're WEARING a pink mask with a tonto costume, because we;re just having a good time.

This is the beauty of travel, and exploration in a group setting. When we find ourselves in a new place, or we are with new people then we get to leave our defined, and weatherworn selves behind. We can reinvent ourselves. We can open ourselves without fearing reproach for not fulfilling an expectation. We are again like children - curious, engaged and vulnerable. That feeling of unselfconscious enjoyment, to be ourselves in it's purest form, the way we are when we are alone. That feeling is what I am after.